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Adoption Records
Archived State Records
Arrest Reports, Wants & Warrants
Attorney, Lawyer Licenses & Records
Bankruptcy Records
Birth Certificates
Cemetary & Burial Records
Census Records
City Websites
College & University Records
Company, Business & Owner Records
Concealed Carry Gun Records
Court Records (Federal)
Court Records (State)
Criminal Records & Indictments
Crime Maps of Neighborhoods
Death Certificates
Deeds & Land Records
Divorce Records
Doctors, Physicians Licenses & Reports
Drivers License Records
Genealogy, Ancestors, Relatives, Family
Identity Theft Records
Jail, Prison, Inmate Records
Lien & Garnishment Records
Marriage License Records
Military Records
Missing Persons & Children Reports
Mortgage Records & House Loans
Naturalization & Citizenship Records
Obituary Records
Police Reports
Probate, Estate, Trusts Records
Professional License Records
Real Estate & Property Records
Recorded Documents
School Records
Sex Offenders Registry
Terrorist Watch List
Title Records for Land & Vehicles
Traffic Tickets
Vital Records

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FAQs of Background Search

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How do I get a background search done on anyone?

  1. You can run a background search on anyone at anytime.
  2. Search your State, city, and county court websites for the person’s court records.
  3. Request your own free credit report from Equifax, Experian or Trans Union.
  4. Do-it-yourself background search, including criminal history, at
  5. Google the person’s name, phone number, address, or email address.
  6. Search for the person on Facebook, Linked-in, and other social platforms.
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How can I background search my own record for free?

  1. Request you own free credit reports from the three main Credit Reporting Agencies; Equifax, Experian or TransUnion, once per year.
  2. U.S. government also lets you get your own free credit reports at
  3. Request your public records, like court case files, from your state and local court websites. Sometimes, you may have to visit the courthouse in person.
  4. Do-it-yourself free background search your personal details on
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What do they look at in a background search?

A background search or check is a review of an individuals’ (or organizations) criminal, financial, or commercial records. This can include your work history, references, credit reports, driving and criminal records, bankruptcy, medical records (with permission), education, property ownership, civil records, and sex offender information.
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How do Employers and Landlords get a background search?

How do Employers and Landlords get a background search?
  1. Employers and landlords follow the Fair Credit Report Act.
  2. Get written permission from the candidate to run a background search.
  3. Use an accredited Consumer Reporting Agency.
  4. Purchase a background search.
  5. Make the decision about employing or renting to the candidate.
  6. If the decision is no, candidates must be informed about negative info and where it was found.
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How many years back does a background search go?

  1. The general time frame for a background search in the USA is 7 years.
  2. Some states might allow a background search that goes back up to 10 years..
  3. Exceptions are applied to background searches for high paying jobs.
  4. Some states limit reporting on criminal history to 7 years, but in most cases all past criminal violations can be reported.
  5. There are no regulations on how far back you can look into employment or education history.
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How to get an On-Line Background Check for Free?

Most information about people is already digitized, and that makes it possible to run a background check anytime you need one. This is how you can effectively dig up information on a person of interest without hiring a private detective:
  1. Run a Search on Google
  2. Background Search You
  3. Tracing the Images
  4. Go through the Sex Offender Registry
  5. Social Media Tools
  6. Facebook
  7. Instagram
  8. Linked In
  9. Pinterest
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How can I search my background?

  1. Request criminal records from your local courthouse or state website.
  2. Ask for your yearly free credit report from Equifax, Experian or TransUnion.
  3. Search your driving record on the DMV website.
  4. Obtain academic transcripts from your schools and colleges.
  5. Run a name search for yourself on search engines and social media websites.
  6. Fastest and easiest method is to get a comprehensive background search from
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How to use 10 types of Background Search and what they Uncover

10 Types of Background Search Generally speaking, a background check is when a person or company looks into someone’s history, to verify that that person is who they say they are. It usually involves checking a person’s criminal record, credit reports, education, or employment history. Background searches are commonly run by employers, landlords, or when purchasing things like firearms. The types of background search include:
  1. Employment Background Search
  2. Criminal Background Search
  3. Universal Background Search
  4. OIG Background Search
  5. E-Verify Background Search
  6. Fingerprint Background Search
  7. International Background Search
  8. Credit Background Search
  9. Personal Background Search
  10. Professional Licenses Background Search
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