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The Importance of Running a Background Search

A background search or a background check is an investigation which compiles criminal records, financial records, and commercial records of an individual, organization, or company.  

When people hear the term background check, it is automatically assumed that what they mean by it is simply a criminal record check. However, that isn’t all there is to a background check. It is actually a process to pick out the best candidates by going through their criminal records as well as those of education, employment, and sometimes their social site postings, etc. This would help your business to protect itself, and it guarantees that the applicants really are capable of doing the work they claim they can do. Such a background search  plays a role in the protecting your company, your employees, and your clients.

Background Search for Companies:

The importance of background checks for companies is that an employee background search will protect the company from all kinds risks and dangers.  Background search is an indispensible step for pre-employment screening before any candidate is hired.  Some companies assume that all the applicants have told the truth about their abilities in their curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.  However, candidates might be hiding different versions of their experience and skills in resumes given to various companies. Therefore, companies need to run a thorough background check to hire just the right candidate.

Background searches can also help protect the companies from any accountability issues. For instance, if employees perform poorly, their employers can often be held answerable for carelessness on their part because the company failed to do the required research. An example can be taken of a bus company that might  hire someone with a bad driving record without knowing it. In this case, the employer can be liable if the driver gets into a major accident. Therefore, the a background search should be done before the candidate has been hired as a driver.

Background Search in Relationships:

When an individual meets someone that they’re interested in online, it is often difficult to pick out the facts from fiction.  It not enough to just find out if you are in love with someone. What if he/she is not what or who they say they are.  You could be overlooking important information before youconsider them as a partner. There’s a lot more that you’ll lose than just your emotions. You could lose your life savings, your future, even your own life and your family.

It may seem that investigating someone’s private history can be done only by private detectives. But it is quite the opposite. Nowadays, there are numerous, easy methods that you can use to find out what a person really is.

Even in long distance relationship, it is import for people to do a background search on their love interest.  They must take time to consider and look into the peron’s history and find out if they are hiding something significant from you. This would include criminal records, bankruptcy, pseudonyms, or social media profiles, etc. This isn’t an ideal world and one can’t believe everything that they’re told. Therefore, if you’re involved with someone online, you must double-check to see if they really are what they say they are.

There are a lot of ways you can do this. You may search their name in Google, look for their social media profiles, find them in LinkedIn etc. With background checks online, you can save a lot of time searching. This is because your search can be narrowed down to show the results by entering a person’s age, name, or location. And all the details you want to view will appear right in front of you including their original names and places as well as any kind of a criminal record.

Background Search in Healthcare:

Many occupations like those of the doctors and nurses in the healthcare business have crucial  responsibilities. They make tremendously important decisions, which can be a matter of life and death for many patients. In addition to that, healthcare employees even have a right of entry to the confidential information of patients who might be having a disability, might be young or elderly. It is exactly for these reasons why healthcare employers should run a thorough background search to confirm the authenticity of people they’re hiring. This would include criminal records as well as confirmation of certifications, licenses, and their education.


When all has been said, you must sure that you have been extremely thorough with your background search process.  In the case of job applicants, you should run a background search on the candidate to  protect workplace security and to reduce the risk of company negligence cause by an unqualified employee.  Also, no one should date a person that they know nothing about, or in a worst case scenario, date someone who has actually been lying to them all along about who he really is. Do not place yourself in unnecessary danger of emotional, financial, or physical harm.  A background search will work in your favor to protect you and to inform you so that you can make the best descitions. Often, a background search is the best tactic for you!

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