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3 Benefits of Criminal Background Records Check


Conducting a Background Search is important prior to hiring employees. Aside from verifying basic personal information, it is also important to check for any criminal background records.

Preventing Workplace Violence and Criminal Acts by Checking Criminal Background Records

One of the major advantages to checking criminal background records prior to hiring an employee is to prevent office violence. Recent researches reveal that more than 2 million individuals experience physical violence on the job yearly. For women, office violence is the number 1 cause of death in the workplace. By simply checking for criminal background records prior to employment, a company can significantly decrease the occurrence of violence in the workplace.

Other crimes, such as sexual misconduct, can also be committed in the workplace. A check of criminal background records will reveal if an individual has committed any sexual offense in the past. Also, recent reports from the National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol reveal that more than $100 billion are lost by US companies yearly in substance abuse issues. Checking criminal background records will also reveal any history of substance abuse. Thus, by checking criminal background records, one can considerably reduce the occurrence of these negative events.

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Decreasing Business Losses by Checking Criminal Background Records

The number of lawsuits and negligent hiring cases are on the rise in recent years, due to the increase in workplace violence. Each of these cases cost the company approximately $150,000. By checking criminal background records prior to hiring, the company can effectively screen applicants that are potentially dangerous. Also, companies who check criminal background records have less liability if in case accidents or workplace violence occurs.

Aside from this, violence in the workplace results in a disruption in business activities. When office violence occurs, you are likely to lose more than 1 employee, resulting in further losses. Once you dismiss an employee, you will then have to find somebody else to hire, which you will again have to train. Every process of re-hiring and re-training applicants costs the business approximately $1 million, which it could have saved if the company initially checked criminal background records. Thus, by checking criminal background records, business losses are minimized.

Increasing Office Productivity by Checking Criminal Background Records

Aside from decreasing business losses, checking criminal background records of potential employees can subsequently increase office productivity. This is because by checking criminal background records, you will be able to effectively select which applicant is most suitable for the job and will not cause any problems. A company that checks criminal background records creates a safe environment for both its employees and its clients. By choosing the right individual after a thorough review of criminal background records, office productivity is increased, and as a result, the company is able to profit more.

Recommendations Regarding Checking Criminal Background Records

Several states, such as Florida, require companies under their jurisdiction to check criminal background records for all potential employees. The Department of Homeland Security recommends that businesses check criminal background records on all job applicants.


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