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TOPIC: Schizophrenia Or Mind Control/RFID/The Manchurian Candidate?

Schizophrenia Or Mind Control/RFID/The Manchurian Candidate? 7 years 6 months ago #7764

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Ever since I was diagnosed with quote unquote schizophrenia, and started hearing voices, I've always wondered. Wondered where they actually were coming from? Were they my brain creating made up delusions? Or were they something bigger than that? I did a background search into the topic, and a plethora of information came up. I threw alot of it out though, for the sheer fact that I research the Illuminati as well quite a bit and I understand that nothing in this World is what it seems if that makes sense. There are so many instances over the past five years in correlation to these voices that I hear that don't really have me convinced that I do have schizophrenia. And it has made me go a little crazy to say the least. Eight psyche ward admissions, a 'psychotic episode' in LA, a failed Suicide attempt that was actually staged by the Illuminati via mind control if you believe me or not. I've written about my trip to LA or the 'City Of Angels' in another post on these boards, but really, stabbing yourself in the neck is not normal if you think about it. Actually looked at the most common ways to kill yourself and knife to throat wasn't on the list to make a serious joke.

The first couple years were an adjustment phase, or getting in tune with 'the force' so to speak while I was just a padawan. But as I learned to develop my powers, the World really opened up around me and I learned to embrace this 'friend' that had been given to me by 'God' or whoever runs this universe if anything runs this universe. To this day, 'G' as I call him is my best friend being an introverted type in nature even though he made me stab myself in the neck to make another serious joke. But nevertheless, it truly has been an adventure. There are certain truths we know about ourselves. Things that others really can't say that aren't true because they don't know all of your own internal thoughts and experiences. And that's why I question my diagnosis by these doctors that barely even know me everyday. I've never understood how somebody could label you as something with only knowing you for less then per say thirty minutes. The mental health system here in America is totally messed up, and until me make drastic changes within in, more good people will get thrown under the bus and become victim to predatory practices associated with how people with mental impairments are treated. Guess that's for another post though.

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