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TOPIC: Darknets are Communistic and Unreliable

Darknets are Communistic and Unreliable 7 years 8 months ago #161

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Darknets are Communistic and Unreliable.

Darknets – are collection of networks and technologies used to share digital content. Examples of darknets are peer-to-peer file sharing, CD and
DVD copying, and key or password sharing on email and newsgroups.

PC World gave Grouper (a darknet) 4 stars out of 5; CNET, 5 out of 5.
Founder Dave Samuel said the four “golden rules” of Grouper are:

1) Share everything
2) Play fair
3) Don’t take things that are not yours
4) Be aware of wonder

If you replace rule 4) \"Beware of wonder\" with 4) \"Contribute according to your ability,\" then you have the creed of Communism, which has been relegated to the \"ash heap of history.\"

What dictator is going to enforce 2) Play fair?
What omnipotent ruler defines fair?
Who breaks your arm if you 3) take something that the dictator says is not yours, even it you think it is yours, at least partially, or even if you outright steal it?
And maybe I do not want to 1)Share everything. That is just impossible, against human nature, and risky to the point of being stupid. So what dictator enforces 1) Share everything.

The Prime Directive was not spoken by the Founder, which is 0) Do not let non-believers in, because they will pollute the dictator's pristine pool of (how shall I say it?) prisoners, and do not let the darknet content (which is a work product) out to the rest of the world.

How many principles of human motivation and ecomomics does that break? If there is a particularly good content item, it will be monetized, and the biggest market is outside of the darknet. Which dictator decides what can be sold, by whom, at what price, where, and who gets the benefits? There are darknet benefits of prestige, return favors, more exalted position, collaboration with the more talented members. Will darknet members be satisfied to forgo real world benefits like money, sex, and power?

And when the rules are broken by the talented, but less subservient, does the dictator kick his best producers out of the darknet? Once outside, will they become anti-darknet zealots, freedom fighters, or darknet hackers?

As soon as there is sufficient economic incentive to break the rules, they will be broken. And, \"economic\" incentive can be as small as posting darknet content on the open Internet just for the fun of sharing, revenge, notoriety, or expressing a different ideology. On a large scale, darknets will fall prey to human nature, 1st cousin to viral networks and viral marketing.

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