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TOPIC: Canadian demeans Americans because they own guns

Canadian demeans Americans because they own guns 5 years 9 months ago #7807

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What is it with these Americans? They're always shooting each other at shopping centres or schools? Are they so estranged and alienated that they have little to no shared humanity?
Sick bastards. :roll:

Yes, Americans must be so bad. Certainly, the British subway bombers and bus bombers are kinder, gentler, and more civilized. The Spanish train bombers and the Bali bombers are all such sweet mass murderers. And, you are certainly not an arrogant, ignorant, self-center, uninformed bigot.

America (USA) has one of the most diverse populations in the world due to the millions of immigrants that enter the USA from hundreds of countries throughout the world. Anytime you have large unassimilated populations, there are tensions and crime. (Just ask the French about their disaffected Muslim riots.) So America has some problems because it is so free. Nevertheless, an America visa or passport is one of the most valuable documents in the world because so many people want to come to America for the freedom, opportunity, equality, stability, and safety.

You will note that when the American economy hiccuped recently, the rest of the world caught pneumonia, and stock markets tumbled throughout the world. So even if your America is so horrible, America supports the well being of almost the entire world. How much misery and death is avoided because American freedom, rule of law, and the resulting American economy generate vast amounts of wealth in the world to support, feed, and care for billions of people.

One reason that there are infrequent multiple shootings in the USA is that until recently the American population was disarmed by laws which refused American citizens the right to carry guns, so only criminals carried guns and used them on the defenseless population. You will note that in the Old West, when everyone went armed, there were very few mass shootings, because after the first shot, everyone else had the guns to shoot back. The would be mass shooting ended quickly. In the most recent multiple shooting at a church, it was a fellow parishioner with a concealed carry permit that stopped the killer after his first few shots. The more American citizens that carry guns, the more law abiding and courteous the country becomes.

Many criminals have been known to actually flee States that allow concealed carry permits and go to more "civilized" States that keep their citizens disarmed and vulnerable victims. This fact, and many statistics prove that even a small percentage of citizens who are armed with concealed carry rights actually make their communities and their entire State a safer place to live.

In the USA, the national instant criminal background check system may easily determine if someone wanting to own a firearm is prohibited from doing so in accordance to the Gun Control Act of 1968. Hence, law abiding citizens may quickly purchase firearms and still be screened for a clean criminal record before receiving the gun.

In the USA, criminal records are public information which further enhances public safety on billions of occasions because ordinary citizens have free access to information that can warn them about criminals in their midst, be it follow employees, neighbors, nannies, dates, or anyone the law abiding citizens suspect could threaten them. This protective information is so popular that an entire industry has developed to collect criminal record information from courthouses nationwide and provide to the public in the form of a convenient searchable database via the Internet. For example, a typical pre-employment screen background search includes Verification of identity, SSN, employment history, education, and address history. Checks State and county criminal records, sexual offender, terrorist watch, credit check, bankruptcy, Federal criminal records.

In short, America (USA) is one of the greatest places in the world to live and it is getting better all the time.

What would the world be like without the USA? How many billions of people would be more impoverished, enslaved, and diseased? How many times has America saved Europe, Korea, Israel, Kuwait, Bosnia, and others? Who stops more genocides in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East? And if you take off your blinders, you will see that the newly free Iraq will become one of the greatest countries in the Middle East because of America.

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